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In 1901, at Silikia area, close to Pyrgos city in western Peloponnese, Stavropoulos family created processing units for local products- a flour mill, a carpentry shop and an olive mill. It was the golden era of the trade of the Raisin and Pyrgos city was at the peak of its prosperity. But τhe years to come were very difficult. Nevertheless the olive mill never died. Knowledge was transferred through generations as the methods of extraction and the equipment were constantly updated. Today, more than 100 years later, we present the essence of the most valuable fruit of the Greek land, the offer of the olive trees that grow in peace, solitude and plenty of sun on the blessed land between Ancient Ilis and Ancient Olympia.

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Silikia Chairèmonis lived in Magnesia of Meandrous, an ancient city of Asia Minor, when Lucius Septimus Bassianus-known as Caracalla- was on the throne of the Roman Empire. She was high priestess, member of a group of five high priests and secretaries responsible for the dedication of a statue of Caracalla. She was the only high priestess and stephanephorus known in Magnesia of Meandrous.

This unique olive oil is a fruity and spicy, extra virgin olive oil, ideal for both salad and cooking. Discover Silikia extra virgin olive oil.

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